A Conversation with John Pierce

John Pierce: Words of wisdom from my pastor, Brad Kochis, with a quote from a Chinese Christian

Friends, I’m saddened by the vast divide of our nation… largely due to differing moral ideologies, political strategies, government and the foundation of faith. The election cycle has done nothing for the healing of this nation and it wouldn’t have if the results on a national scale had been different. So, with that I was reading the thoughts of a man who had been imprisoned in China many times for his faith and this quote hit me… I find it to be relevant today for those of us that follow Christ.

“We never pray against our government or call down curses on them. Instead, we have learned that God is in control both of our own lives and the government we live under. God has used China’s government for His own purposes, molding and shaping His children as He sees fit. Instead of focusing our prayers against any political system, we pray that regardless of what happens to us, we will be pleasing to God.”
― Brother Yun


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