1. The Left does not waste time confronting members of the Right unless they see a possibility of making a convert. The Right should reexamine the time and efforts to convert the members of the Left. The Left uses a successful formula to reach the public but does not bother with discussions with the Right. Contact is only made in a well-planned propaganda attacks.

2. The Left is emotionally based. Conservatives argue policy with facts and logic. The Left pushes all of the “me” buttons. I am hurt, I am poor, you are rich you are evil. Dodge and weave is always used if necessary. Yesterday I pointed out to a Lefty operative outside the polls that Kennedy and FDR were rich. His response was “that’s different. I’m talking about Romney!”

3. The most powerful weapon of the Left are the words: “I am offended” or some variation of those words. This is the point at which the Left grabs the emotional high ground.

4. Ridicule, like the old CPUSA (Communist Party USA) tactics, is still prime meat. Ridicule gives the Left the intellectual high ground. You may counter that ridicule is emotional. It is, but it is the gateway to what the average leftist thinks is intellectual superiority. That is why the Left never wages a real intellectual battle. They do not have to.

5. At the state level the Left did not confront the Democratic Party; but instead mobilized volunteers and shipped massive amounts of money into the party. Then they looked for opportunities.

6. At the national level they identified and segmented the areas of opportunity and built the hard left operative networks (ACORN, ACT, SEIU etc)

7. The women’s thing was tricky. The Left had to be unified so decades ago they used sniper tactics and eliminated pro-life feminists in the Democratic Party like Bella Abzug. The reason that the attacks on Sarah Palin were so intense is that Sarah represented a real threat as the Left Women’s Movement readied itself to spread into the Republican Party.

8. Finance. In the old days, the Left was always underfunded when it was under the thumb of the CPUSA. With the arrival of George Soros, financing was easy . Soros money permitted financing the growth of the Left , first as a fifth column within the Democratic Party; and then, financing the Hard Left Operative independent networks, for both frontal assaults and as a flanking force. Our financing is getting better but we are spending more of it on people rather than networks.

9. Soros was not and is not harmed by attacks from the Right. Other than attacks on him in literature, books and Glenn Beck, Soros was strangely isolated from attack. His vast wealth and ability to threaten businesses, political leaders etc gave him inordinate protection. In many instances he should have been the target in our campaigns as the poster boy of corruption.

10. The Left has become the master of propaganda: Cold, classic Nazi and Communist propaganda from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. They have willing accomplices in the media. The natural arrogance of New Yorkers plus the shameless self-promotion of those in entertainment and media made the news media easily accessible to the Hard Left willingness to drum up phony pain and suffering. Remember when George Stephanopoulos questioned Romney in the primary debates regarding contraception Jan 7, 2012? It was at this point he injected the beginning of the Obama “Republicans war against women” propaganda campaign

11. The national movement to destroy the free election process by attacking voter ID has been astonishingly successful. The Republican reluctance to do anything about this probably made a difference in this election. The Right cannot win unless it stops people from voting more than once.

12. Closing with a question: We know that we can learn from the Left, but how does that affect our actions? Is our DNA so unique that we can’t use the same strategy or tactics. What say you?


Since the election, advice has been pouring in from all corners of Leftland. Let’s take a look at how well the Left followed what conservatives are now being told is the path to salvation. THE LOSSES OF MCGOVERN, HUMPHREY, CARTER, DUKAKIS,GORE AND KERRY DID NOT by any stretch of the imagination move the Democratic Party to Center Right. Only when Bill Clinton rea

lized his immediate demise was on the horizon did he move right. He saved his political neck by following conservative thought on welfare reform with astonishingly positive results. In the meantime the Democratic clarified its message and purpose by eliminating the centrists of the Democratic Party. I am not saying the Republican/Conservative should eliminate the center but to believe we lost on philosophy is
nuts.I can make a strong case that the hurricane, Chris Christie, the failure of Romney to attack Obama’s foreign policy in the last debate, the sit-at-home Ron Paulers, and wholesale fraud in the no-I.D. states sacked the win in a pretty close election. 400,000 votes redistributed in a few key states would have done the job.There is much fear that if we do not open the borders the Latino vote is lost. This is the siren song of the extreme Left. Conservatives have attractive issues to present to Latino communities. The issues of freedom and sacredness of religion, partial birth abortion and homosexual marriage vs family are solid topics for conversation. There is no reason to believe that we would have not gained votes there. But Conservatives must increase communication with Latinos.

For Latinos the problem is more a problem of Republican/Conservative non-communication than a problem of philosophy. The Republican Party has been painfully slow in perfecting its ground game. Massive air blitzes are being somewhat replaced by targeted voter attacks by mail and phone but the Republican Party still has difficulty in knocking on doors and meeting new people.

By 2004 the Left had covered, door to door, most of the major cities in Ohio. Residents, at least on my street, were asked their positions on five general subject areas. Good prospects were given a lot of time; 15 to 20 minutes in one instance I observed. The payoff of that ground work has shown increasingly positive results for the Left in Franklin County, Ohio; one time a conservative city by most standards.

To win again, the Republican leadership is going to need to move beyond its target base and its comfort zone. And for those of you who would like to strike the word Republican in the previous sentence and replace it with Conservative, the opportunity is there for the taking.


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